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Western District of Virginia - Document Filing System

CM/ECF Version 6.1.1

PDF File Size Limit: The megabyte limit for filing documents in CM/ECF is 20 megabytes.

CM/ECF RSS Feed for Western District of Virginia: (Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a type of XML that allows Internet browsers and other feed readers to display information from a website.) Users can subscribe to RSS feeds so they will be notified every time content is updated on a particular site. You may subscribe to our court's free RSS feed to receive automatic notification of activity in all cases including summarized text, such as the name of the document filed, and links to the document and docket report. Results may be sorted by date or case title. You can use one of the many commercially-available RSS readers to further organize and filter the results, customizing the feed to meet your specific needs. To view the document or docket report linked from the RSS feed, users must login to PACER, and will incur applicable fees.

If you wish to practice filing electronically, please visit our TRAINING WEBSITE.


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